[News] BTS’s Suga To Compose And Produce For Artist Besides BTS For First Time Ever [170421]

Earlier, it was reported that BTS’s Suga would be a producer for another artist’s track and it has since been confirmed that Suga will be composing and producing for artist Suran’s new digital single. This will be Suga’s first venture into producing for another artist besides BTS.

Suga and Suran first met because of Suga’s mixtape “Agust D,” as Suran featured in one of the mixtape’s tracks “So Far Away.” It has been revealed that the track Suga is composing and producing for Suran is an R&B hip-hop track that will emphasize the artist’s unique vocals.

BTS’s Suga has consistently displayed his impressive capabilities as a producer through his continued participation in the producing process for BTS’s albums. Expectations are high for Suga’s future as a producer because his range as a producer will become even larger and more diverse as he continues to create songs for other artists.

Meanwhile, BTS recently won an award at the 9th Annual Shorty Awards and is currently on their world tour.

Source (1) Via Soompi


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