[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [170522]

@BTS_twt : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 [V]

Trans @BTS_twt : Nom Nom
We’re off
#BTSBBMA [Jimin]

@BTS_twt : #billboard
Thanks for army
너무너무 고마워요
감사합니다🙏🏻 [Jungkook]

Trans @BTS_twt : #billboard
Thanks for army
Thank you so, so much
Thank you 🙏🏻 [Jungkook]

@BTS_twt : 잊을 수 없는
믿기지 않는
감사함 한 가득
#BBMAs [J-Hope]

Trans @BTS_twt : Unforgettable
Full of gratitude
#BBMAs [Jimin]

@BTS_twt : 진심진심진심 정말 정말 정말 많이많이많이 매우매우매우매우 진짜진짜진짜 넘나넘나넘나넘나 우와우와우와 사랑하고 감사하고 뭐 어떻게 더 표현해야할지모르겠어요 더 멋진가수 될려고 노력진짜 많이할게요 사랑해요 we love u i’m so proud of u [V]

Trans @BTS_twt : I honestly honestly honestly really really really many many many very very very seriously seriously seriously so so so wow wow wow love you and grateful I don’t know how much more I can express it. I’ll really work hard to become an awesome singer. I love you. we love u i’m so proud of u [V]

@BTS_twt : 꿈이 이루어졌습니다!!


Trans @BTS_twt : Our dream came true!!

@BTS_twt : 아미 감사합니다. 행복하게 해줘서 너무 고마워요 Army thank you 다 아미 덕분이에요 [Jin]

Trans @BTS_twt : Thank you ARMY. Thank you for making us feel blessed Army thank you It’s all thanks to you, ARMY [Jin]

@BTS_twt : 아미 고마워요!!!!!!!!!!! 꺄아아아아아아아아아아아아아가라라가가가가라아아아 너무 씐난다아아아아아아아ㅏ아앙 [Suga]

Trans @BTS_twt : ARMY thank you!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagararagagagagaraaaa I’m so happy and excited ahhhhhhhhh ah ah ang [Suga]

@BTS_twt : with .. 누가 저 합성 좀 해주세요 – RM [Rap Monster]

Trans @BTS_twt : with @halsey .. Would someone edit me into the photo please – RM [Rap Monster]

@BTS_twt : 이건 여러분들이 받은 상입니다

Trans @BTS_twt : Everyone, this award belongs to you
Thank you
I love you
#BTS [Jimin]

@BTS_twt :  [Rap Monster]

@BTS_twt :  [BTS]

@BTS_twt : with  [BTS]

Credits :

Trans : Alli, Nara @ bts-trans


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