[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] “FIRE in Billboard”… BTS’ 25 hours in Las Vegas [170526]

Their hands are sweating all day

Though they try not to get nervous,

it can’t be stopped.

Here is

The spotlight
is theirs.

The Magenta Carpet

From inside

and outside,

everyone shouts for BTS.

BTS has entered Billboard. They became the heroes of “Top Social Artist”. The trophy that Justin Bieber took home for 6 years. It’s theirs now.

“Isn’t this just a typical fan voting, you ask?”

The votes from “A.R.M.Y” all over the world
counted for 320million.

These fans have gathered around to make it


That’s why they couldn’t calm down. Because this is the opportunity given from the fans. They did their best in this hot weather of 37 degrees.

They once again dropped their “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. Then a “Spring Day” came to them. Everyone shouted “DOPE”!

And I joined them in this glorious moment. From the preparing of pink carpet to the awarding. Everything is exclusive on STARCAST.

Here is Las Vegas MGM Hotel’s Suite room. BTS were busy from the early morning. They tried to become more handsome and neat than any other days.

“We’re off for Billboard!”

“Billboard was just a word in our imaginations. It’s such a great honor to watch the stage itself. We would be so happy if we take home an award.” (JIMIN)

“We got to spend some break in Las Vegas, thanks to the fans. Thank you so much for giving us this chance!” (JIN)

“It’s the Billboard that we’ve been dreaming for. I’m really nervous. I really look forward to the performances of Drake and Ed Sheeran. I can’t believe they’re one of the candidates.” (J-HOPE)

“It’s so amazing. We’re the best K-pop group? We feel burdened but I hope a lot of people would know more about K-pop because of us.” (SUGA)

“I miss our fans here. A.R.M.Y are the ones who grant us to be one of “Top Social Artist” candidates. Thank you so much.” (RAP MONSTER)

“Performing at Billboard together with my favorites singers will be a precious memory to me. Though I hope we would receive the award, I would be still happy even we don’t.” (V)

“Everything is new and amazing compared to any other awards. I really want to perform in stage. I hope we would continue joining Billboard. We’ll do our best!” (JUNGKOOK)

JIN took out his phone saying “let’s remember this moment forever…” JUNGKOOK and JIMIN also made some aegyo pictures for A.R.M.Y.

“Are you watching us, A.R.M.Y?”

“Aegyo BTS”

Now, let’s go for


This is T Mobile Arena. Here’s the place where Billboard Awards is held. The temperature this day reached 37 degrees. But, BTS is hotter than it.

Billboard captured the fans

and highlighted BTS’ global popularity.

They were holding BTS’ Korean names

and even sang their songs.

confidently walked through

the “flower road” made by A.R.M.Y.

It’s not simple to head for Billboard ① After they’re done taking pictures at the photo wall, ② interviews with local journalists are waiting for them.

Next is ③ interviews with TV media. They interviewed for famous channels like “ET”, “Allen” and “ABC”. RAP MONSTER did a great role here.

Billboard was filmed ④ live. They seemed to become relaxed as J-HOPE showed some naughty sides.

It’s not over until it’s over in Billboard. ⑤ They also met the local online journalists. They held interviews for more than 1 hour in this hot weather.

And after all these, it’s time to begin the party. BTS confidently made the steps. (Feat. I won’t let you do weird things)

“I don’t know when I could stop being surprised. We were able to come to this place all because of A.R.M.Y. What would be waiting for us in the future…?” (JIMIN)

“We are having such a great time all because of your love. Love you so much.” (V)

“I believe A.R.M.Y is with us right here. You were always by our side wherever we were. Thank you all the time.” (RAP MONSTER)

“We will be the BTS who spreads wide all over the world. I love you so much, A.R.M.Y!” (J-HOPE)

“Thank you for letting us come up to this place. We’ll try hard to spread K-pop. You’re the best, A.R.M.Y!” (JUNG KOOK)

“No need to say it longer. We love you so much, A.R.M.Y.” (SUGA)

“Thank you for sending us to this Billboard Awards. We’ll also do our best to repay your efforts. Thank you for loving us.” (JIN)

Here ends the story of BTS dominating Billboard. But we can’t end this here, right? Here’s a 2017 BBMA bonus!


Sorry for the poor quality


Get ready to get a heart-attack

Article = Las Vegas (America)ㅣKim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Picture = Las Vegas (America)ㅣKim Min Jung (Dispatch), Billboard

Credits :

Credits :

Naver Starcast

Eng. Trans : Naver Starcast

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