[Twitter/Trans] BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL [170602]

@BTS_jp_official :  [BTS Message / RAP MONSTER]


Trans  @BTS_jp_official : [BTS Message / RAP MONSTER]
☺❤ #Osaka #Nam #RM #BTS

Letter Translation:
Sorry for being a little late~~🖤
Thank you for all 3 days and 3 shows. It’s great if everyone also had fun (lol) (lol)
I will do my best in other cities too! Please~~🖤
Then, bye–😙

(T/N: He says “thank you” and “then, bye” in Osaka dialect.)

@BTS_jp_official : での#始球 を初めて経験しまして、ドキドキが止まらないくらい緊張しましたが、たくさん応援してくれたA.R.M.Yの皆さんといろんな方々のおかげで楽しむことができました!ほんまにありがとう❤️ ほなまたな👋

Trans @BTS_jp_official : 

I experienced throwing the #FirstPitch at #Koshien for the first time. I was so nervous my heart wouldn’t stop pounding but, thanks to all the A.R.M.Y and other people that cheered for me I was able to have fun! Thank you so much❤️ Later then👋 #BTS (in Japanese) #BTS

(T/N: “So much” and “later then” are in Osaka dialect.)


@BTS_jp_official : に招待して頂いてましたが、本当に楽しかったです。僕たちが準備したギャグはいかがでしたか。新しい場所でA.R.M.Yのみなさんといろんな方々と会えた事が嬉しかったです😃

Trans @BTS_jp_official :

We were invited by #YoshimotoShinkigeki, it was really fun. How were the jokes that we have prepared? We are happy to have met A.R.M.Ys and lot’s of others at a new place😃#BTS (in Japanese) #BTS

(T/N: Yoshimoto Shinkigeki is a comedy theater.)

Credits :

Trans : Mari & Jackie  @ bts-trans


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