[News] BTS, Unveiled New Symbol·Logo “It Will Be A New Identity” [170705]

[OSEN=Reporter Jeong Jeewon] The group BTS has suddenly unveiled a new BI (Brand Identity).

Through its official fancafe, social media channels, and homepage, BTS revealed a surprise motion graphic video of BTS and its fanclub A.R.M.Y’s revised BI.

The video starts with the copy ‘SEE YOU THERE’, and a small ray of light appears in the centre of the screen, followed by the silhouette of a door. The door opens slowly, and the light passes through the door, with the new signature of BTS and A.R.M.Y appearing on both sides. It ends with leader Rap Monster’s narration of ‘Beyond The Scene, BTS’.

BTS’ new BI symbolizes the youth that doesn’t settle for their current state and move forward for growth, and to project this moment of youth, it is visualized that when the members open the door, their fanclub ARMY are there to meet them.

The meaning of the brand was chosen with the concept of bringing together the past and the future. Since their debut, BTS has been expressing ‘youth who block the oppression and prejudice of teens’, and now the meaning behind ‘Beyond The Scene’, which is ‘the youth who will not settle for their current (state) but will continue to grow and work towards their dreams endlessly’ will be added.

BigHit Entertainment explained, “We fixed and visualized BTS’ brand to a concept that, with the passing of time, will encompass the album’s concepts or promotion with a futuristic idea.”

It added, “The new BI is the result of multiple steps in the process, starting from the planning stage by the top design consulting firm in Korea, as well as (the work and input from) BigHit’s staff and BTS members, along with research and focus group interviews. It was almost one year in the making, and also includes the wishes of the fans (during the planning process) as well.”

Through BTS’ Twitter, they expressed their thoughts, “I really like the new BI. I was really looking forward to it, and really wanted to show it to everyone even a day quicker. More than anything, it shows that ARMYs and us (BTS) are connected as one, so this is all the more meaningful and makes me happy.”

BTS’ new BI will be applied starting after today on all official goods, content platforms, albums, fan related merchandise and partnered items./jeewonjeong@osen.co.kr

Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110681179

Trans cr; Alli & Nara @ bts-trans


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