[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] The 2017 Summer of BTS [170828]

“International Pop K Sensation Sunshine Rainbow Traditional Transfer USB Hub Shrimp BTS” (source: V LIVE BTS Bon Voyage 2”. BTS has visited Coron Island of Philippines this summer. Laughter never ended among the boys and their behind the scenes during their pictorial shooting will be exclusively shown in STARCAST!

#1. Cat named “Brandly”

A cute cat (a.k.a. Brandly) was living in this beautiful island and the boys took a picture with it.

They went for a walk together,

looked at the cat taking a rest,

and followed it… Brandly did a good job looking after the boys! (I’m the only one who doesn’t have a cat!)

#2. JUNGKOOK washed away

JUNGKOOK used a swim ring so that we won’t get wet

[ JIN ] has found [ JUNGKOOK ].

Generous JIMIN sprinkles water for him so that he won’t feel hot.

While JUNGKOOK enjoying the sun, he paddles his feet.


You shouldn’t go any further! XD

#3. How they enjoys their time at the beach

Playing game with a sand castle

Searching for sea friends

A picture of RAP MONSTER who met a sea friend (baby crab)

Building a sand castle using different methods

Beautiful sea makes grandfather Min (a.k.a. SUGAJ) jump!

JUNGKOOK roamed around the place to take selfie videos
and he’s now tired

JIN lost in the betting of “Staying on the ocean with a unicorn”

But it looks like JIMIN is the one who lost…

JIN and JIMN were planning to make someone fall into the ocean

and started a beach volleyball competition. There are lots of things to do at the beach.

#4. Time to play in the water!

The boys played in the water in different ways! Their first play was snorkeling and scuba diving.

SUGA, JIN and V did the scuba diving. They are so excited to do it for the first time XD

The energy of [ SUGA ] has decreased [ -1993309 ].

Meanwhile, the other boys at the other side learned some know-hows from a dog swimming in the ocean.

Their next activity was riding a banana boat! This part reminds me of something… Don’t you remember them at Kota Kinabalu?

There’s no such thing as “Someone grab J-HOPE!” He’s now confident in riding banana boats!

Everyone was surprised because they rode the boat very well (and didn’t fall into the water)

But they fell in the end!

JUNGKOOK and V rode a jet ski to feel some speed…
but how come they are riding it so well?

This is JIMIN floating in the water while waiting for his turn to ride the wakeboard
(He’s showing different skills while floating)

They really enjoyed their time at the ocean and returned to their lodging.

#5. RAP MONSTER ♡ JUNGKOOK’s twin look!

JUNGKOOK and RAP MONSTER wore a twin look. The youngest and the leader are sooooo cute!!! 。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。

They keep on making different poses!

Same pose, different feeling!

RM(love)JK —<@ Friendship forever″☆

#6, BTS thinks V is so cute

JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN and V took a 5-member unit group shot!

The 4 boys are staring at V but V doesn’t care for them and keeps making poses.

They think V is so cute ^ㅁ^

#7. Time to feel the sun
The weather was really hot this day but it was a perfect sun!
That’s why here are their moments feeling the sun!

JUNGKOOK: (Hmp… ;;;ㅅ;;;;)

Making his most comfortable pose on water: Swim float is a science (!!)

SUGA is enjoying the sun in his most comfortable pose!

#8. Save these high-quality B-cuts in your phone ♥

I’ll give you my everything-
I’ll show you the pictures that weren’t shown in their pictorial photos! (It’s a secret between you and me)

Come on in. Everyone save their pics ‘ㅅ^*

The weather in this summer has really fired up! The hot weather is finally going to an end and only few days are left until September!
BTS is doing their best for their new album.
Please look forward to their upcoming activities and spend a cool summer together with them!

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Article/Photo=Big Hit Entertainment
※ Big Hit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Credits :
Eng. Trans : starcast

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