[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [170924]

@bts_bighit : [] 일요일의 시작을 와 함께 ^ㅅ^ 컴백 첫 주에 열렬히 응원해준 아미들💕 우린 전생에도 아마 다음 생에도 영원히 함께니까…* (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

Trans @bts_bighit :

[#Today’sBangtan] Together with the start of #BTS #DNA on Monday ^ㅅ^ ARMYs who have fervently supported the first week of the comeback💕 probably from a previous life, and in the next lives to come, we’ll be together forever…* (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

@bts_bighit : []

태초에 DNA가

널 원하는 데 . . .

우리만의 안무연습영상. . .


Trans @bts_bighit :

DNA in the beginning
I want you …
Our dance practice video…


Credits :

Trans : Scarlett,Jisoo @ bts-trans


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