[News] BigHit Addresses Mysterious BTS Blimps Spotted Flying In The Air [171017]

On October 16, blimps featuring the faces of BTS members floating in the sky caught the attention of fans.

A blimp with a photo of Jin was spotted in the city of Gwacheon, with the words “LOVE MYSELF” and “I Will Always Love ARMY!” on it, while another blimp with a photo of Jimin was seen in Busan that said “LOVE MYSELF” and “I Love the Sea of Busan.”

Regarding the mysterious blimps, a source from BigHit Entertainment commented, “Individual member blimps are a new kind of project we are planning to continue. Specific details will be revealed later.”

BTS successfully wrapped promotions for their latest mini album “Love Yourself: Her” and will continue their 2017 tour with concerts in Taiwan on October 21 and 22.

(+) Other Blimps

SUGA – “I love Music, I love my Life!”

J-HOPE – “I Love You, Mom!”

JIN – “I will always love ARMYs!”

JIMIN – “I love the sea of Busan.”

V – “I love my hometown.”

JUNGKOOK “I love my Bros. BTS Forever.”

Source (1) Via Soompi

picture source Nowwithbts,potatobts,ILYSB_jimindndhkdhkd,Owner

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