[Info] BTS 109 XMAS (BTS selected as Image Model Christmas collaboration campaign at Shibuya 109) [171026]


Christmas campaign

Collaboration with Korean popular group “BTS”

“BTS 109 XMAS”

Celebrating their 8th Japanese Single,A triple A-side Mic Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” that will be release on December 6th,2017 (Wed),”Crystal SNow” will be used as the image songs for SHIBUYA 109 XMAS Campaign. We will be conducting various collaborations,such as the opening the pop-up shop [BTS X 109 POP-UP STORE],Original Goods,Gift Campaign,and more.

①    Campaign visual display

We will started with the Christmas illumination on the outer wall SHIBUYA 109 Building (Aka: Cylinder),which is said to be a symbol of the city of SHIBUYA district. The Original Visual of the Image Model “BTS” will be posted indoor and outdoor in Shibuya 109.We are Finished the concept is a cute, warm visual with the red × Nordic pattern.

②    Pop-up shop “BTS×109 POPUP STORE”

The Pop-up shop with  BTS Original goods and limited items only available at SHIBUYA 109 Pop-up shop “DISP !!!” store on the 8th level of shibuya 109 (Tokyo),Abeno (Osaka) , Kagoshima,Fukuoka.

<Store to be held>

Shop name: BTS×109 POP UP STORE

Open period

  • Shibuya 8th floor “DISP !!”

Nov. 23th (Thu) – Dec. 25th (Mon)

  • Abeno Abe’s Q’s Mall 2nd Floor

Nov. 23th (Thu) – Dec. 12th (Tue)

  • Kagoshima Amu Plaza main building 2nd Floor

Dec. 6th (Wed) – Dec. 10th (Sun)

  • Fukuoka Tenjin Core 6th floor “109MEN’S”

Nov. 23th (Thu) – Dec. 12th (Tue)

☆ ☆ scheduled to be held through mail order ☆ ☆

Since we will inform you when the opening date is decided,Mail Magazine Registrationplease.

③   Gift campaign

The Campaign will consist of BTS autographed items and the original goods at Shibuya (SHIBUYA 109 only), Abeno, Kagoshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo 109 location Via official mail order.

<The 1st :  Campaign Application>

We Will Conduct gift campaign via lottery among 300 Customer who shop from Nov. 23th (Thu) – Dec. 25th (Mon).

A prize BTS Signed membership checki (Signed Polaroid) (1 per member) Limited for 7 people

B prize “BTS 109 XMAS” Original autographed poster (B1size) Limited for 10people

C prize “BTS 109 XMAS” Original poster (B3size) Limited for 14people

D prize “BTS 109 XMAS” Original sticker Limited for 269people

<The 2nd :  novelty gift>

3,000 Customers who shopped at Dec. 18th (Mon) – Dec. 25th (Mon) will received “BTS 109 XMAS” Trading Card as a novelty. (First Come,First Served)

④    SNScampaign

We will be conduct a gift campaign on Various SHIBUYA 109  SNS. We Will gift BTS goods via lottery.

Details will be announced at each account at a later date so please add follow & add friends SHIBUYA 109 .

Twitter Instagram LINE

Merry Chrismast BTS

Christmas message to members of BTS
We will distribute message cards you can join! (Shibuya store only)
As a message book all the cards you got from you
We will deliver from SHIBUYA 109 to BTS  !!

Distribution Period : 1-15 December 2017

Place : Shibuya 109 8th floor

More Detail info : shibuya109.jp

Credits :

Trans : MB @ btsdiary


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