[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] Another year with BTS! Starting the year 2018 with their Season’s Greetings! [171117]

We met BTS at the seaside of one island. They were gathered here to shoot for the 2018 calendar!
You guys are my 5th season… (meditating)
Once again just for you STARCAST readers, I went to the pure city of Okinawa where the BTS held their pictorial!
It’s another year with BTS. Let’s begin year 2018 together with them!

[BTS expressing four seasons]

To get ready for the pictorial,
they tied up their shoes, got themselves dressed up and made some jokes in front of the camera.

The first member is SUGA, who seems to look like he’s waiting for someone! (Is it me…?)
You must be in warm spring tone. You look perfect with pink.

It’s awkward to see him looking like a noble captain.

SUGA: Am I shooting over here? (Yay, I’ll be sitting…)
Staff: Come over here-
SUGA: (Sad)

This time, it’s a pictorial with a huge prop.
This cute yellow car and JIMIN look great together!

He’s so amazed to see how the door opens.

Showing his pure and bright smile!

JUNGKOOK, a man who is brighter than the sun! (Be careful, he’s hot)

JUNGKOOK, is it your hobby to be handsome?

“Don’t come near me. You’ll experience misfortunes.”

I cheer for JUNGKOOK’s hobby of being handsome ٩(●˙▽˙●)۶

[RM’s Calendar Version]
I hope I have a friend just like him… Then will I become a fashionista just like him…?

He is just too bright and vigorous here.
The staffs were so amazed this day because of him.

While he’s looking at the horizon, it looks like one of the scenes of a movie.

This mysterious looking V is expressing freedom with his body.

(I can feel the warmth of people who have died because of him)

This is just like a photo showing the life of a father and a son living on an island…
V : Father, I think it’s time for me to go to Seoul.
SUGA : (Silence)

I’m falling deep into this golden face…

It’s JIN’s pictorial and he’s like a rich man who owns 3 villas in this island.

How come he’s so handsome while drinking a glass of juice…?

He wore a floral tracksuit and a marine style outfit…
He looks so different in each concept…!

Well, not this

But guys… I think he is the one who looks alike with that blue sky. Do you agree?

This is a professional guy who can express the same way the photographer wants! ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄o⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ !!

J-HOPE is waiting for someone… (BGM: I Hope It’s Me)

While he was enjoying the sunlight, he lied down!

[The first story behind the scenes. BTS who are busy taking pictures and taken pictures]

Let’s find out whether the sayings on BTS are right, whether they are really addicted in taking pictures!
This is photographer Vante, who is currently popular on various social media
(The camera must be his lover… he won’t let go if it)

This is how his works are shot!
Did you take well? Show them to us!

He takes pictures and edit them all by himself!
G.C.F in Okinawa

He took a picture of RM who was meditating alone
(He is enjoying another hobby here)

and took a picture of the boys doing their pictorial
(G.C.F vs Cute boys)

He also took an insert cut (I think he’s taking a picture of anonymous bird)
He is so passionate for his photos.

This is photographer JIMIN, a new and rising photographer (a.k.a. Squirrel of memories)
Let’s see what kinds of acorns he’ll collect!

This meditating RM became a good model for the photographers.
He can’t miss the moment of JIN taking a rest.

He also took a selfie of him looking cute, handsome and pretty.
(So when are you guys going to show us the pictures?)
This is how the boys treasured the moments during the pictorial and also the pictorial site!

[The second story behind the scenes. How they react on top of the building]

The boys went up the roof for unit pictorial!
But there were few of them who turned out strange.

[Ordinary type] Gets scared

[Strange type 1] Starts dancing

[Strange type 2] Stares at the camera

[Strange type 3] Dances just like SUGA

[Strange type 4] And gets startled after getting hit by his sunglasses

Someone please tell me why they’re acting this way.

[Appendix. Let’s play Mafia]
Why have they gathered around?
It’s because they’re going to play Mafia, a game of finding out trust and friendship within each other!

The game starts with J-HOPE’s joke. (Creak)

Stop it now.

[How they play Mafia]
1. Everyone gets down.

2. Find the liar and kill him.

3. Become a ghost (not true)

Well, the game instructions don’t matter here.
They really had fun making lies on each other.
And there were great presents at the end!
Find out who got the presents in the upcoming behind the story of Season’s Greetings!

[Bonus 1. Pose completes the fashion]

As they are wearing cool outfits, they are making cool poses as well.
Would there be a member who can beat this high-class pose of V?
Title: A master of mantis boxing who wants to sit down all day

Title: You can draw a perfect circle with this compass

Title: A sign that points direction in an unusual way

Title: Look at my awesome shoulder

Title: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Title: Shouting out “Napdeugi” in the midst of calendar pictorial

Title: There’s only one evidence. My name is Bangtan, a calendar.

[ Bonus 2. Dominating the background of your phone. Fufu…]

The BTS shared their messages for STARCAST readers!
This is a special episode of their background photos and sharing of their Season’s Greetings!

This is BTS’ Season’s Greetings, wishing for you to spend a happy 2018!
Let’s make more precious memories together with BTS in 2018!
I’ll end it here for today! Bye!

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※ Big Hit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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Naver Starcast

Eng. Trans Naver Starcast

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