[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] “How great is their influence at AMAs?”… The enormous power of BTS [171124]


Do you know the real names of the BTS members?

Kim Nam Joon, Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok

Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung, Jeon Jung Kook

These people even know

these difficult names.

They are the ARMY in abroad.

On last 15th,


the World ARMY screamed out loud.

This is the AMAs.

It’s BTS’ debut stage in America.

After BTS have dominated the Billboard, they have dominated the AMAs this time. They made the fanciest debut promotions in the K-pop history.

A lot of fans welcomed their debut in America and even the celebrities congratulated their debut to AMAs. Just like how The Chainsmokers introduced them,
they are the “International Superstars”.

“BTS is a group that makes great performances. We are ready to scream out loud.” (Ansel Elgort)
“Let me introduce you the hottest international superstars. It’s their first debut stage in America, the BTS!” (The Chainsmokers)
“I’ve watched their performance a while ago. It would take some time to calm down this crowd.” (Jared Leto)

Let’s start today’s STARCAST at the suite room of J Hotel. The Dispatch followed the debut of BTS at AMAs. Introducing you their moments at waiting room and at the red carpet.

Let’s get it.

20 pieces of luggage accompanied BTS because the boys had to star in the major talk shows of America.

They went to the Jimmy Kimmel Live!

and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Beware of spoilers.

V and SUGA are done with their makeup. It’s a lot different when there were at Billboard. They looked relaxed while reading the guide book of the hotel. They even made funny poses using the AMAs gold tickets..

“This is the gold ticket.”

“If AMA burns in fire,”

“then you should make a fan!”

BTS are done preparing for the red carpet. Let’s listen to their words for their debut at AMAs. It starts with RM.
“Actually, I still feel like I’m dreaming, just like how I felt at Billboard. It would make me feel like reality when I’m at the stage.” (RM)

“I’m really nervous inside. It’s our first time to perform at American Awards… but I heard that lots of fans came here. I should rely on them.” (J-HOPE)

“We went through 5 camera rehearsals. The director really had a hard time because there are no groups in America who perform as powerful as us.” (JIMIN)

“The staffs here are really generous. They gave us a big hand after our rehearsals. I gained confidence for that and we’ll really do our best.” (JIN)

“Not everyone can perform in AMA so it’s really an honor for us to perform here. I wish to perform here again next year. We’ll do our best for that.” (JUNG KOOK)

A surprise guest came here this day. It’s Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO of their label, Big Hit Entertainment. He came all the way to America to lead them. Let’s to their conversation.

“How do you feel?” (Bang Si Hyuk)

“It’s like we’re dreaming.” (V)

“We still can’t believe it.” (JIN)

“Maybe our music opened up their mind.” (RM)

“Their reactions are really something.” (SUGA)

Their DNA is unique

and this AMA is something special

They are here at the red carpet of AMAs. The place fevered up when they appeared. The local journalists shouted “what the hell” and we actually heard it 😛

This is the photo wall. People from Billboard and Forbes also came this day.

They are taking pictures and videos with their own cellphones! Everyone is capturing BTS.

They also had an interview with the major TV shows of America. They’ve already experienced this during their debut at Billboard!

This is during their debut at Billboard. JUNG KOOK was sweating a lot this time…

But now, he’s leading the interview himself at AMAs!

They’re so good in giving fan service.

They even make Vs in front of the cameras!

They’ve really dominate the red carpet.

After passing through the AP,

and crossing the ET,

they’ve dominated the Ellen Show as well.

The 8th member is here too.

The World ARMY.

ARMY supported them outside the red carpet. It’s totally different from Billboard. It’s like their fandom increased 2 or 3 times more! 90% of fans at AMAs were ARMY.

Even the LA police and local guards were here

to prevent any possible accidents.

But no one could stop their love.

They did flash mob from time to time.

and shouted BTS too.

Regardless of their nationality,


and age,

“My daughter really loves them.” (a father in America)

Skin tone, age or gender… there weren’t important to them.

BTS were superstars at the stage. They were the 16th group among 17 groups. It’s just before the finale stage. They made another record here: their video was retwitted for more than 20 million times after AMAs and it was a new record in Guinness Book!

PS. One of the ARMY asked, “Isn’t there a runway for this year’s AMA?” Of course there is.

“Tae Hyung, open the door.” (JIN)

“Come on, JUNG KOOK” (JIN)

The BTS Runway (by Dispatch)

“International Super Star”

Article = LAㅣKim Soo Ji•Oh Myung Joo (Dispatch)
Photo = LAㅣMin Kyung Bin•Jung Young Woo (Dispatch)

Credits :

Naver Starcast

Eng. Trans Naver Starcast

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