[Twitter/Trans] BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL [171213]

@BTS_jp_official : 8thシングル「MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow」FC限定Release Special Eventにお越しいただき、ありがとう本当にございます!今日も会えて嬉しかったです💕

Trans @BTS_jp_official :

Thank you so much for coming to #BTS’ 8th Single “MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” FC Release Special Event! We are so happy that we were able to see you today too💕 #BTS #TMV

(T/N: At today’s fan event, Suga mixed up his Japanese saying “Thank you much very” and they’ve added the abbreviation TMV at the end of the tweet.)

@BTS_jp_official : [BTS Message / JIMIN & JIN]



Trans @BTS_jp_official : [BTS Message / JIMIN & JIN]
See you again👋

Text on Video:
Thank you very much for today

Credits :

Trans : Mari & Jackie @ bts-trans

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