[Info] BTS’s “Love Myself” Campaign With UNICEF Raises Over 600 Million Won So Far [180117]

BTS’s global “Love Myself” campaign with UNICEF has surpassed 600 million won (approximately $564,000) in donations.

BigHit Entertainment stated on January 17 that the “Love Myself” campaign received 106 million won (approximately $99,200) in donations from all over the world over a period of two months.

The campaign was first launched with BTS and BigHit’s donation of 500 million won (approximately $467,800) on November 1. Overall, the campaign has raised 606 million won (approximately $566,900) in donations.

This includes the donation from BigHit founder Bang Shi Hyuk of the 10 million won (approximately $9,355) prize money he received when he was given a presidential commendation last month.

The total amount that the campaign has raised will be updated later on with the donations that have come from 3 percent of the profits from sales of the physical albums in BTS’s “Love Yourself” series, as well as the total profits of the official “Love Myself” campaign merchandise that went on sale in December.

BTS and BigHit partnered up with UNICEF last November to work towards an end to violence against children, with plans to support UNICEF’s “#ENDviolence” campaign for the next two years.

Source (1) via Soompi


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