[Video] BTS | AskAnythingChat [180304]

BTS Tell The ARMY What They Would Wish For If They Saw A Shooting Star

BTS Tell Us Who Their Favorite Rappers Are & What They Do On Their Days Off

BTS Tell Us The Hardest English Words That They’ve Had To Learn

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One thought on “[Video] BTS | AskAnythingChat [180304]

  1. I loved Jimin’s answer about his fave rappers. Do you guys know old school rap? Like Public Enemy? Beastie Boys? Run DMC? NWA? Tupac Shakur? A Tribe called Quest? That is the rap I grew up with.
    What is the hardest word in the English language you have had to learn? Did JK say horizon? V looked like he really wanted to say something. You guys are so cute. Love you all. LOTS OF LOVE FROM AMERICA!!!

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