3 thoughts on “[Info] BigHit Ent. Notice About Sending BTS Fan Letters [180330]

  1. Hello!
    I had sent Christmas Cards to BTS last year.
    I would love to send another note.
    My question is do they REALLY get the Fan Mail AND actually get to read it?
    Considering they are world wide and obviously
    extremely busy….I would understand that they couldn’t possibly.
    But…IF there is a chance I would love to know.
    I am 53 years old, tell me honestly. I can handle it AND keep my mouth shut if they are unable.
    Most Sincerely,

  2. Dear Bighit Entertainment,
    I am a Singaporean Army, and i am proud of it. Thank you the Entertainment co. & BTS for encouraging & comforting the worldwide fandoms through soulful musics during the difficult periods. *myself including my family nembers ve received*.
    Today am writing in for a request. With the thoughts that this message might not be read or noticed by BTS members, i still insist of writing.
    My niece was a very huge fan of *SUGA*. She was diagnosed to ve tumors during last October, although they were removed through operation but also it was comfirmed that it was Bone cancer. However, my niece was too weak & scare to go for further treatment. All these while, BTS musics has helped her healing her feel. She is also sad that SUGA not able to perform with the other members during her hospitalisation.
    Today, doctor has once again bring us bad news that 2 small dots were found in her lung. Treatment must be done immediately. Inorder to give her strength & motivations i request Suga to ve a quick & positive encouraging words to my niece through *Video Call*.
    I pray that my this message will reach to Bighit, BTS & especially SUGA. Stay safe & healthy BTS & Army.

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