8 thoughts on “[INFO] BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY 5th-Term Membership Recruitment Notice [180406]]

  1. How to trsnslate in Eng the cafe daum and interpark app ? Hope to catch up with the 5th membership ARMy recruitment🤓
    Thank you so much!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Would love to be part of the 5th Army Recruitment but its a bit difficult to navigate through Daum and Interpark. I think this is only for Korean army. Is there a tutorial of some kind??

      1. Thank you for replying back. I didn’t think of looking at youtube. They have everything on there huh? (^____^)

      2. there is an english version of interpark 🙂 just search for “interpark global ticket” and becoming a member of the cafe isn’t too hard… There are plenty tutorials to follow!

  2. I want to thank Lilian and Zenden for their help. I was able to sign up on Interpark and Daum. I am a member of the cafe but it says that I need to power up to see the posts??? How do I do that? Oh and I was able to buy my Fanclub membership because I am a member of Daum and Interpark. Plus I signed up for Naver, too. So I think all my bases are covered LOL Thank you again for your help…

  3. hi, got a quick question, i filled up the delivery confirmation and everytime i hit next button a pop up shows and says “Please enter ticket delivery information” tho i filled up everything. Can someone help me out? thank you..

    1. I got the pop up too but mine was blocked. Make sure you enter all your delivery info. The application you fill out is hard to see the whole thing. I remember having to tab through the app info in order to fil the whole thing out correctly. It takes a minute to navigate through it. Use the tab button to make sure all your bases are covered. Are you in USA? I am. I am using the fact that the money was deducted from my bank as proof I purchased it because I did not get a confirmation email from Interpark. I emailed them and they said the package will be mailed out in July. Sorry for rambling hope I helped. 😑💕❤️

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