One thought on “[Picture/Trans] BTS ‘ J-Hope, Jimin & V at S Cawaii! Magazine ( May 2018 Issue) [180407]

  1. Thank you for translating this interview. They all seem so nice. *SIGH*

    I have to say I love the new album. I pronounce the words better in the Japanese versions of the songs than the Korean. I love to sing and it drives me insane when I have to hum the Korean parts of their songs!! That song Crystal Snow is soooo beautiful. It’s etheral. However, it makes me so sad. It gives off such a lonely vibe. I feel that way when I listen to Rain, Stigma, Begin and House of Cards too.

    The new one Euphoria makes me sad. I don’t know why cause Euphoria is the opposite of that. LOL Oh well thats my rant. Thank you BTS for your hard work and thank you translators for your hard work as well. Oh, btw I think Tae would smell like vanilla and cinnamon. That would make my heart flutter. He is my favorite member. He has such an old soul. I just adore that gentle man…. ( ^ 3 ^ )!!!!

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