[News] K-Pop Group BTS Wins TIME 100 Reader Poll [180417]

K-pop group BTS can add another accolade to their list of successes: winner of the 2018 TIME 100 reader poll. The seven-person group of multitalented South Korean artists has been tapping a vein of global popularity since 2013. The group has topped Billboard‘s Social charts for almost all of 2017 and 2018 (so far), won the Top Social Artist title at last year’s Billboard Music Awards, earned a spot on TIME’s list of the Most Influential People on the Internet in 2017 and regularly spark social media trends, thanks to their 14-million-strong “Army” of fans.

BTS, which consists of singers RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, is just one of a number of K-pop groups with massive fanbases. But in particular they have proven themselves capable of transcending the Asian market with their hip-hop-meets-pop songs, sharp choreography and high-concept music videos. Their next full-length album, Love Yourself: Tear, is due out on May 18.

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8 thoughts on “[News] K-Pop Group BTS Wins TIME 100 Reader Poll [180417]

  1. Tweeted about this earlier but I am so proud of you guys.
    You work so hard.
    You all deserve only good things in life. Love, peace and happiness.
    (Tae, JK, Jin, Jimin, RM, JHope & Suga stay blessed. MWAH!!!)

  2. Tweeted about this new prestigious recognition few mins. ago. from TIME mag. Great job BTS and Bighit for spreading only love, peace and positivity through music amidst a chaotic world! And it all starts with loving one’s self! Hoping an all English album and the Cafe Daum BTS site to be also in English as a thank you gesture for their American and English speaking ARMY who have contributed for the many awards. If they can make one in Jap, why not English as well? 😍👏✌️

    1. Mickey, I agree.
      Have you tried to navigate that site? It is not easy. I am a member of all of them but to get into the Fan cafe is like getting into the Pentagon without ID!!! LOL. I didn’t know they had a Japanese one. I signed up for 5th Army which will help my level but not my navigation skills.

      1. Lucky you Samantha that you are now a 5th ARMY member! Congrats! Me, need to ask my korean friend to help me out! Hopefully soon! Hope m not being demanding but the Western ARMYs have done a lot for BTS to be so recognized all around the world! We study korean to appreciate them better ! At least for an Eng BTS website for now…🤓😉

      2. Mickey,
        Well I won’t be an official ARMY member until they send me my card which will not be until July. I love BTS. I think they are an awesome bunch of guys. What I see anyway. Yes the ARMY in the USA is trying really hard to get them to tour here. I live in Atlanta, Georgia which is a big city. I hope they come back and come to my state. I will die happy if I can see them live one time. Lol where are you? Have you seen them in perform?

      3. Hi Samantha. M from Virginia .BTS is now having fan meetings in Japan – tokyo and osaka. Hope videos will be uploaded soon . M sure it’s one hell of fun cz they are performing for their global fans after the series of awards! Looking forward to their love yourself: Tear album. Bought all their albums from itunes .. another one coming up on May 18. Need to increase my icloud storage…. 😄 Yet to see them live though…

      4. Mickey I was planning on going to those fan meet and greets in Osaka at the end of this month but I had an issue with my travel plans. I am hoping I can go to the next one. Virginia? You are my neighbor! Yes I am preordering the CD tomorrow. It’s my first comeback with BTS and I am very excited to see how it plays out!

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