[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [180420]

@BTS_twt : 고마워요 항상

우리 아미들


Trans @BTS_twt : (We’re) always thankful



Banner Translation:

Thank you for being ARMY

(T/N: The banner originally said “Thank you for being BTS” but they changed “BTS” to “ARMY”.)

@BTS_twt : 오늘도 화이딩 ~~ [RM]

Trans @BTS_twt : Today too, fighting ~~ [RM]

@BTS_twt : 오츠카레에 사마데시타 [Jin]

Trans @BTS_twt : You’ve worked hard [Jin]

@BTS_twt : 굿밤 [Suga]

Trans @BTS_twt : Goodnight [Suga]

Credits :

Trans : Soren & Denise @ bts-trans


One thought on “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [180420]

  1. Jimin ARMY is thankful for you, too.
    RM you look great with that hair color and cut. Where are you in that peaceful picture?
    Jin as always looking great.
    Suga you have bedroom eyes. Did you just wake up?? I LOVE YOU…..
    Tell V, JK and J-hope I said Hello and send love from America….
    KISSES FOR YOU ALL. (^ 3 ^)
    (i must be losing my mind…)

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