[Picture] BTS X SKTelecom [180427]

“Wishing Our Music becomes a little strenght for you”(SUGA)

“You only need to know your own hard work”(JIN)

“I hope we can be each other’s shoulder to rely on.”(RM)

” Be like rose when blossoming,Be like cherry blossom when scattering,and be like morning glory when falling.” ( J-HOPE)

“You are shining now,shining” (JIMIN)

” Thank you always.I’ll make sure you’ll only walk on flower path” (JUNGKOOK)

“Thank you so much for liking all my facial expresssion.” (V)

Credits :


Trans : @glitter_jk

One thought on “[Picture] BTS X SKTelecom [180427]

  1. Why is BTS so awesome? They are all collectively and individually such beautiful people. I hope they know nothing but goodness and love and peace. That is my hope for them always. #Taeismybias #JKmybiaswrecker (^ 3 ^)

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