[Picture] #BTS #방탄소년단 #화양연화TheNotes [180504]

Trans :

22 May YEAR 22

I thought my body was floating but at some point it met the hard ground. For a long moment I felt nothing. My whole body was so heavy I couldn’t bear it, so much so that I couldn’t even lift my eyelids. I couldn’t so much as swallow nor breathe. As my senses dispersed, my surroundings grew dim.

Then, like something startled, my whole body jolted as if with a seizure. Within thirst and an agony the source of which I couldn’t specify, I opened my eyes without realizing. My vision was uncomfortable, as if filled with sand, and something glimmered ahead of me. I thought it was fire, but it wasn’t. It was bright and large and vague. It didn’t move, just floated in the air. I looked at it for a long time, and slowly it assumed a definite shape. It was the moon.

The world was upside-down, like my head had snapped backwards. In that world, even the moon hung backwards. I tried to cough in order to catch my breath, but nothing moved. Cold came over me. I was afraid. I moved my mouth, but no words came forth. I didn’t close my eyes, but the world grew dark in front of me. Amidst my fading senses, someone spoke.

“Living is more painful than dying, but even so, you want to live?”

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One thought on “[Picture] #BTS #방탄소년단 #화양연화TheNotes [180504]

  1. Living is more painful than dying. When you are dead you are conscious of nothing. In life you are conscious of everything!
    Thank you for translating. That would have taken me forever!

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