[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] “This love is not FAKE.” 6 different reactions for BTS [180525]

Here’s where the 2018 Billboard Music Awards was held.

And the “’World” ARMY have conquered the place.


BGM : ♪ Fake Love

“♬ I’m so sick of this”
“♬ Fake Love Fake Love”

With their mouths

With their hands

And with their eyes, shout:
♪ Fake Love

Their M/V is the world’s first to hit 10 million views in a short period. 4 hours and 55 minutes were all they needed.

They simply overcame Taylor Swift, whose record was 6 hours.

The “World” ARMY has fired up again. They memorized the lyrics on the date of release and even analyzed the M/V. This is how they fell again for BTS.
The “Dispatch” team is here to “check” the facts. We asked them the reason on May 20 (local time) and they answered with extreme reactions.
These are the STARCAST-exclusive six scenes in “Fake Love” which fired up ARMY.

BEST ①. (MV 0:19~0:25) ♬ If it were for you / I could pretend happy during sad times
This is the start of the “Fake Love” M/V. It’s the so-called black shadow. This is when their first group choreography starts. Their systematized moves are getting our attentions.

Janine (22, San Francisco) : The intro part of “Fake Love” was the most impressive one! They make movements with a plaster cast behind them. I can say that it’s art.
Dorotha (21, Las Vegas) : Oh Yes! I really like the first dance. When V sings, the others move like shadows. It’s awesome.

Chelsea (21, Las Vegas) : That’s hot! So amazing. Seven of them create a harmony. This skilled group really has something.

BEST ②. (MV 1:18~1:20) ♬ Ask the mirror, “who are you?”
The “mirror dance” of J-HOPE and JUNG KOOK is also hot. It’s where the two boys dance while looking at each other. They also point out their fingers at each other.

Vanessa (19, Las Vegas) : I got goose bumps when J-HOPE and JUNG KOOK did the mirror dance. The lyrics really touched my heart and it seems like they were reflecting each other’s sides.
Riza (19, Las Vegas) : You should also take a look at the part in 2:30! RM and JUNG KOOK meet each other. RM look at JUNG KOOK then goes inside the mirror. It felt strange as if they united as one.

BEST ③. (MV 1:57~2:02) ♬ Love it’s so mad Love it’s so mad
This is JUNG KOOK’s best part. The floor (love) collapses as JUNG KOOK runs. It’s also best scene among ARMY.

Storm (16, Las Vegas) : I love this scene! It’s really dramatic. I loved almost everything in this M/V but this scene was the most impressive.
Dominic (23, Chillicothe) : The part when JUNG KOOK comes out from the room and runs through the corridor? It was really amazing when the floor collapsed. It was just like the movie “Inception”.

BEST ④. (MV 4:00~4:05, 4:09~4:10) ♬ (No lyrics).
There are different opinions for this scene. Tons of water comes out from the drain but JIMIN looks peaceful. Let’s listen to the ARMY how they felt about this scene.

Mariah (21, Dallas) : The element of water always goes with JIMIN. It symbolized him since their debut. It feels good that this part was emphasized in this song.
Verles (23, Las Vegas) :I was surprised when I heard this “water” scene was real. I thought it was just graphics. I think it’s the part when the story goes to the climax.

BEST ⑤. (MV 4:25~4:27) ♬ Love you so bad Love you so bad
You wouldn’t have expected this on JUNG KOOK. He revealed his abs here and it was also one of the impressive parts during the BBMA.

Jaylene (10, Las Vegas) : All the scenes were so cool that I can’t pick one… but I was really surprised with JUNG KOOK’s abs. Oh my god
Clera (19, LA) : I had a hard time going to bed because of JUNG KOOK’s abs. Will they start showing all the members’ abs one by one? Coz JIMIN showed his in 2013. (laughs)

BEST ⑥. (MV 0:46~0:53, 4:35~4:42) ♬ I’m so sick of this / Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love
This is the highlight part. BTS covered their eyes, mouths and ears.

Amanda (18, LA) : This would be the part that maximizes the song. It was so perfect with the lyrics that it almost got me goose bumps.
McKenzy (22, Florida) : I think I watched the M/V for more than 70 times. I really like this part. JIMIN really has pretty dance moves.

Audley (19, San Francisco) : The lyrics are “I’m so sick of this fake love” and they seemed to tell me that “If you can’t love yourself, you can love nobody.”
Nathalie (43, Chillicothe) : I also was amazed at this scene. The dance is so beautiful. (Claps) It was like they were revealing all the emotions they’ve been hiding.

The “World” ARMY knew the philosophy of BTS and they shared their limitless imaginations in this world.
At that moment, BTS arrived. There you see the official vehicle of Billboard.
BTS expressed their gratefulness. They even greeted the fans afar and waved their hands. They shared this moment and honor together.


Sure knows

What you feel, ARMY.

Lastly, this was the most impressive moment. The purple ribbon. It’s a campaign to make a way for their safe arrival at the airport.

“I shall protect my singers”

They held the purple line hand in hand.

“Come join us in the purple ribbon”


Were protected by ARMY

And they arrived at BBMA safely.

“I’m so glad that the purple ribbon project ended successfully. It’s like all of us protected BTS. I really love them. I hope they’ll continue to fly up higher.” (Jenice, LA)
V answered to the ARMY’s purple ribbon. He brought out the ribbon during the [HD photo] pictorial. Look at how he’s making the use of the ribbon as prop.

“Thank you, all”

Article = Las Vegas (US)ㅣKim Soo Ji•Oh Myung Joo
Photo = Las Vegas (US)ㅣMin Kyung Bin•Kim Min Jung

Plus V Picture on dispatchsns :

Credits :

Naver Starcast

English Trans : Naver Starcast 

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  1. Tae you slay me with that Purple Ribbon… Hopefully I will be holding one of these in Chicago for you guys. The Purple Ribbon Protection Army are awesome. Glad to be a part of it.

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