[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] “This is how Fake Love was born.” The start of new achievement from BTS [180531]

This is the story of the youngest, JUNG KOOK.

This is “Fake Love”

And this is the M/V shooting site that will take your breath away.

Because of the shooting for 3 days,

He feels sleepy

And his legs got weak.
But it’s not only JUNG KOOK who experienced this.

All the members (SUGA)
Did their best for the 5min-and-19sec M/V (V)

They did their best

All the time.

And there they got a new record.
ex> 100m views within shortest period (100m views within 9 days)

US music magazine “Pitchfork” mentioned that teamwork was the element that led BTS to success: “…BTS are at their best when they feel for and support one another.”

The “Dispatch” team got the actual teamwork during the shooting. We visited the shooting site of “Fake Love” last month and here are the real moments during the 3-day shooting.

BTS did a one-take video of their choreography. They danced to the “Fake Love” over and over again until the shooting continued for 3 days.

They were tired, of course because they came back right after their promotion in Japan ended. They even had to perform at the 2018 Billboard Awards”.

But the reason why they could cheer up

And smile
Was because of the members.

They gained “strength” from each other

And they “smiled” for each other. They never hesitated to look hilarious for the tired. You can check this out for each of the members. The M/V shooting of BTS is always filled with joy.

“The talent show of the youngest” (JUNG KOOK)

“JUNG KOOK’s so cute” (J-HOPE, JIN)

“Your hair’s so cool, SUGA”

“You’re so special!” (JUNG KOOK)

During break, they were busy treasuring the moments. He’s the official photographer of BTS, V and he’s got the camera! Maybe he took a picture of the boys just like below:

#J-HOPE #Perfect side view

#RM, #Just like an A-cut

#SUGA #Checking their performance video

#JIMIN #This is why he’s the main dancer

#JIN #Styling himself up

#JUNG KOOK #Making some abs

We will now take a look at the highlight photos during the “Fake Love” M/V. These are the A-cuts specially taken during their quick dance. Don’t forget to save these, ARMY!







Their goal during their debut days was “to survive in the K-pop world”. But now they have become the one-and-only K-pop musician to top the Billboard for several times. They are getting new records every time.

“It’s like we’re flying up too high. I see too many things and even those from afar. I thought life above the cloud would make me happy every day but when I look down, I feel scared. But I gain courage while flying together with the members. I’m scared of falling but I won’t be afraid to land.” (SUGA)

“We will continue proving ourselves to you”

“Just trust and follow us” (BTS)

Article = Kim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Photo = Min Kyung Bin•Kim Min Jung (Dispatch)

Credits :

Naver Starcast

English Trans : Naver Starcast

One thought on “[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] “This is how Fake Love was born.” The start of new achievement from BTS [180531]

  1. Suga is so profound. I love what he said about “being scared of falling but not being afraid to land.” Please take care of yourselves. I know you work hard for your ARMY but ARMY wants and needs you well so please take care of yourselves. GET REST! Thats so important. You never get back the sleep you lose. I should follow my own advice. I am typing this at 2:07 am. I am waiting to see the LIVE STREAM of you guys performing on Music Bank. I have been up all day and have school in the morning… Anyway…ALL MY LOVE. You are soaring because of your hard work. Thank you again for sharing your incredible talents with us.

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