[Video] 2018 BTS FESTA : Bangtan Dinner Party [180612]




Teaser :

Engsub Teaser

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Credits :


Engsub : Bangtansubs ,JL_Kdiamond

6 thoughts on “[Video] 2018 BTS FESTA : Bangtan Dinner Party [180612]

  1. I have seen this video three times already in Korean. I don’t understand a word but I like listening to them speaking Korean. I look forward to the English subs but I enjoyed the video without them as well. Thank you for working so hard! That goes for BTS and the translators BangtanSubs and JL_KDiamond. (^____^)

    1. Hi Samantha! Hope you got your ticket for the Love yourself world tour in US. Have a great time. Me , ill watch it in Hamilton Ontario in September cz this is what my sched permits …πŸ‘- can’t wait…

      1. Hi Mickey! I am still trying to get tickets for the World Tour. They sold out so fast and I had SIX gadgets open!! I am hoping as the venue gets closer that the prices drop. Trying to get to the Chicago show. I hope you have a great time in ONTARIO! I am sure the show is going to be amazing. Everything they do is just so extra. I finally saw this with English subs and it was wonderful. It really felt like we were at dinner with them. So glad they invited us… have a Happy Festa!!

      2. All the best Samantha… one piece of advice – we do not know when is the next one so might as well watch this year ….

  2. I like how BTS members talk candidly to one another expressing how they feel, their fears and anything about themselves! And how they allow their fans to see and hear what they have to say without script … this is better than any grand ceremonies and celebration! πŸ‘. To Suga , my bias , just take one day at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed! Sleep 8 hrs a day and tom. will be another day …. 😍

  3. Hello Mickey,
    Thank you for your well wishes. I will try my best to get to see them. I have to save money because next year I am leaving for Korea. I’0m going there to teach English. I have to get my passport, airfare and so many other things. $300 for a ticket to see them might not be in my budget. Plus they aren’t coming to Atlanta so I would also have to pay for air fare to the venue and a hotel for the night or two nights. If money wasn’t an issue I would be at every show…. (^____^)
    My Best,

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