[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [180613]

@bts_bighit :[] 과 아미가 함께 하는 하루하루가 페스타! 5주년 생일을 맞이한 5늘! 앞으로도 계속 행복합시다 아미!💜

Trans @bts_bighit :[] Every day that and ARMY are together is a Festa! Today which welcomed the 5th anniversary birthday! Moving forward, let’s continue to be happy, ARMY!💜

(T/N: “5늘” sounds like “오늘/Today” ; a possible pun using the 5 from the 5th year anniversary.)

@bts_bighit :[] FAKE LOVE 막방은 제임스코든쇼에서💜 빌보드에서 시작된 이번 정규활동! 어디에서 무대를 하든 큰 응원를 보내주신 국내외 모든 아미들 쏘쑈유!!!💫 곧 다시 만나요!

Trans @bts_bighit :[] The final broadcast of FAKE LOVE is at the James Corden Show💜 This full promotion that started at the Billboard! No matter where we performed, to all of the domestic and international ARMYs who sent in their huge support, “So show You”!!!💫Let’s meet again,soon!#HappyBdayBangtan #2018BTSFESTA

Credits :

Trans : Jimin Lee & Soren & Denise @ bts-trans


One thought on “[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [180613]

  1. Thank you for choosing to be BTS. You could have done ANYTHING with your lives and I am grateful everyday since I found you that you made the choice to be BTS!! You make me smile even on the worst days!! Happy 5th Anniversary!! May you all always find happiness, health and love in your lives. (^ 3 ^)

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