One thought on “[Picture/Media] BTS Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport – Taipei (Taiwan) [180706]

  1. First of all these pictures make me upset.
    I did a HUGE rant on Twitter ( already so my steam has been used up.
    I can not even begin to relate how this inundation of BTS’s private space gets me upset. I know they are famous and all that jazz.
    However, they are still human beings that should be treated with respect.
    So you get a picture of JK….
    or you get a picture of Tae walking by…
    or you get a shot of the side of RM’s head,
    maybe Suga’s masked face,
    or JHope smiling.
    What if you get Jin in your shot or Jimin waves at you.
    But in all the ruckus you get hurt or hurt someone else in the process?
    Was that picture really worth it?
    I am from the USA. Paparazzi are huge here. I hate them.
    Famous people are no exception.
    I loved that TAE went beast mode and turned the camera on that fan. She turned away so fast. I wonder how she liked it??
    Life should be lived like this:
    If you don’t want a phone shoved in your face don’t go shoving a phone in someone else’s face.
    okay I ranted enough. I hope they have a nice time in Taiwan and stay safe.
    I love BTS. They are da bomb so be kind to them.
    #TaeHasMySoulInHisPocket (^_____^) #kim #kim #min #jung #park #kim #jeon

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