[Interview/Trans][STARCAST] Let’s go to Saipan with BTS! [180816]

BTS’ summer trip
that comes back in every summer!

It’s Saipan this summer!

One week spent with flame trees of Saipan
and wide blue sea.
Here are undisclosed photos
taken from BTS’ 2018 summer vacation
for those STARCAST readers only!


JUNG KOOK dyed his hair with beautiful cherry color!
He challenged for a special color before he comes to Saipan………
and everyone applauded for
cherry-colored JUNG KOOK. That is the behind story.

The photographer picked this place
where red trees are for SUGA
at his first sight!
Red flowers on the tree and bubble effect
that made manually suited SUGA so well.

Worldwide fantastic handsome
heart for you ȣ (‘ w ‘) ȣ

It’s V who came back to blonde hair after a long time. ^ㅁ^
Do you agree with his ability to look good with every concept?!

J-HOPE who is showing satisfied smile at the balcony. : >
The one in that room was V. XD
Sleepy V was waiting for his turn to shoot.
Can you imagine that sleepy V facing J-HOPE between being asleep and awake!?

The summer boy who goes well with the summer,
RM is presenting,
Bohemian of Saipan ~~~<~@

What? The tattoo (sticker) that JIMIN
selected is a butterfly.
It really suits well with flower-like JIMIN ^⩉^✿

A photo with other members at Ladder Beach☺ ︎

#Bonus cuts for STARCAST!
7 different facial expressions for 7 members I captured quickly while they are taking group photos!
It warms my heart!

Oops! I cannot open my eyes because they are so dazzling!? ◉_<

It is a great and wonderful scenery as well as a gift from God.

How was BTS at Saipan?!
I hope you had fun and cool moment
in hot summer^.^~
Pease look forward for BTS’
new release! ♥︎

[Behind the scene of shooting with BTS]

JIN: Hey, J-HOPE! Take me a picture!

JIMIN: I can’t do this. Haha. It feels like it will fly away in wind! (He is flying drone)

– Efforts of special effect team for SUGA –

They came for a dinner after work! ^ㅁ^
Review: It is said that JIN shared lobsters to all staff’s tables. Is he an angel or something?

(‘ ⩉ ‘) O O (Stingray is our friend…)

(-ㅅ-) o O (Tired…)

JUNG KOOK never stops himself from falling asleep…zzZ…

V is sleepy… So sleepy..……=_____=

J-HOPE took a photo in front of the
wings that someone drew greatly!

And JIMIN who wanted to take a photo also poses in front…)
Title of photo: Is V interrupting or shooting….? =⩉“=

The group photo taken by a drone
along with stunning landscape of Saipan.
Gosh, BTS members are soooooooooooooooo cool…. Really…

Credits :


English : Starcast

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