[News] Celebrities Join The Hype Train For BTS’s Fantastical “IDOL” Comeback [180825]

ARMYs aren’t the only ones excited about BTS’s new release!

On August 24, the group dropped their repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer” which features title track “IDOL.” They have been breaking YouTube records, excelling on charts, and setting new achievements since.

From Nicki Minaj (who is featured in a special version of “Idol,” with a music video on the way) to Ed Sheeran, celebrities took to their social media to express support for the group, congratulating them on their new release. Eric Nam and Epik High’s Tablo also showed some love for Suga’s solo track “Seesaw,” while others reminisced about some of their past memories with BTS.

Nicki Minaj



Epik High’s Tablo

Eric Nam

Tiger JK



Ed Sheeran

Liam Payne

Warren G


Edwin Honoret


inning with concerts in Seoul on August 25-26, BTS is set to embark on their “Love Yourself” world tour, which includes a sold-out show at Citi Field Stadium in the United States.


2 thoughts on “[News] Celebrities Join The Hype Train For BTS’s Fantastical “IDOL” Comeback [180825]

  1. Just a word to the wise:
    Be careful who you become friends with…(especially in the industry)
    That being said:
    You all work so hard and deserve the best!!!!!!!
    I am so happy that America is finally recognizing..
    #TaeHasMySoul (^______^)

  2. CONGRATS KINGS ! You deserve it .I remember Suga ‘s world “let’s domine the world with our music” .

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