[News] BTS Talks About “IDOL” And Reveals How Collaboration With Nicki Minaj Came About [180826]

On August 26, BTS held a press conference for their recent album release and start of the “Love Yourself” world tour.

About “IDOL,” the hit title track of their repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer” J-Hope shared, “The song has the message of loving one’s true self no matter what others say.” He added that the song is very Korean but global, as well, through aspects of traditional Korean music mixed in with trap and EDM.

He continued talking about how the choreography combines African dance and Korean dance, commenting, “I hope everyone can follow along easily and enjoy.”

RM also mentioned how “IDOL” has two versions, with one featuring Nicki Minaj. He explained on how they ended up collaborating with her, “We thought the song would come alive with Nicki Minaj’s rapping, so we sent a request. Nicki Minaj’s side accepted, so it came to be.”

He went on, “Nicki Minaj is also actively promoting the song on social media. We are thankful that she is promoting it a lot.”

BTS kicked off their “Love Yourself” world tour with the first Seoul concert on August 25. Following short music show promotions for their new album, the group will take off to the United States to continue their tour.

Source (1) Via Soompi


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