[STARCAST] “Charismatic SUGA that A.R.M.Y never knew before”…SUGA of BTS’ sweet energy [180831]

SUGA with no energy?

Grandpa Min?

“Who said that?”


“I’m going to dance”

“so tough!” (SUGA)

‘SUGA with no energy’, ‘Grandpa Min’….
These are the nicknames of ‘BTS’ SUGA.

It is the nickname made because
he drops his shoulders down after releasing all of his energy.

However, he got excited today.
He presents best ever rap performance.
He even shows kicks.

This is the place to shoot music video of their new song, ‘IDOL’.
Only rival of BTS is BTS.

They are making another records with
repackage album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’.

Taking the first place again and again
from 75 countries in the world.
Wait a second here,
Shall we have a look at pop artists’ ‘BTS pride’

“Proof of lining up”
(Nicki Minaj)

“About to have an incredible week”
(Ed Sheeran)

“My fav song, JIMIN”

The attention is great.
music, appearance and performance” favorable (foreign) reviews.
BTS reached 100 million views
in 4 days and 23 hours.

Can’t take my eyes off for a second while watching music video of ‘IDOL’.
Fantastic views poured out for 3 minutes and 51 seconds.
The highlight of the video I picked is, SUGA TIME.

“Are you ready?” (JIN)

“I’m looking forward for it” (JUNG KOOK)

“Attracting attention” (V)

“Scream!” (RM)

♬ Point your fingers

♬ I don’t care at all

♬ You blame me

♬ No matter what the reason is (final cut!)
The synergy blasts
when he meets the ‘main dancer’ J-HOPE.
This is the fantastic group dance scene
you can see at 3’27”.

“Are you ready, J-HOPE?”

“Run, SUGA!” (J-HOPE)


Bum badum bum brrrrrumble

“SUGA today is”

“the dancing king of this area”
What about other members?

“JIN, V and RM’s group”

“Angles are perfect” (RM)

“It’s so fun” (V)

“Face did everything” (JIN)

“Next, the youngies” (JIMIN, JUNG KOOK)

“I am in the dancer group!” (JIMIN)

“Relaxed youngest member” (JUNG KOOK)

SUGA and J-HOPE’s facial expression were perfect in addition.
Officially from the members, ‘IDOL’ is the hardest level ever.
It is said that it is breathtaking choreography from the beginning to the end.

“SUGA did it!”

“Yes! I agree” (J-HOPE)

SUGA’s story is up to here.
Next week, there will be ‘AegyoBTS’ story.
Please look forward for JIMIN particularly.
Here’s a teaser for ‘A.R.M.Y’!

Next week, at STARCAST,

I’ll reveal only the half of it.

Don’t be so surprised

Please look forward for it!

Article = Kim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Photo = Min Gyung Bin, Jeong Young Woo, Kim Min Jeong (Dispatch)

Credits :

Naver starcast

Eng. Trans : Naver starcast

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