[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [180913]

@bts_bighit : [] Thank you, Bay area! 우리 손 꼭 잡고 오래오래 늘 함께☺️ 다음에 다시 만날 날을 기약하며 안녕~!

Trans @bts_bighit :[] Thank you, Bay area! We’ll certainly hold our hands tight and always be together for a long long time☺️ With the promise of meeting again another day, goodbye~!

Banner Translation: We’ll never let go of your hands* (T/N: *In reference to ‘I’m Fine’ lyrics where it goes “I’ll let go of your hand now”)

@bts_bighit : [] BTS on America’s Got Talent! 처음 서는 무대에 큰 응원을 보내주신 미국 아미 여러분에게 사랑을 보냅니다😘 앞서 그래미뮤지엄에서 좋은 대화의 시간을 가진 관객 여러분들도 반가웠습니다🤚🏻

Trans @bts_bighit :[] BTS on America’s Got Talent! Sending all our love to American ARMYs for giving us such great support on a stage we’re on the first time ever😘 It was great seeing the audience at the Grammy Music Museum earlier on, where we had a pleasant talk time 🤚🏻

Credits :

Trans : Denise @ bts-trans

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