[Weibo/Trans] BTS_official weibo [190205]

@BTS_official :[#本月的BTS#] 过年好(。◝ᴗ◜ʃƪ)
新的一年 智🐷在握 🐷事亨通 ​​​​

Trans @BTS_official :[] Happy New Year(。◝ᴗ◜ʃƪ) In the new year, may you hold pearls🐷 of wisdom in your hands and have all🐷 things sail smoothly

(T/N: In Mandarin, ‘pearls’ and ‘all’ are pronounced ‘zhu’, as is ‘pig’.)

Banner Translation:

Left: May things sail smoothly every year.

Middle: Best wishes.

Right: May you be safe every season, and achieve greater things.

(T/N: The left and right form an antithetical Spring Festival couplet (chūn lián), traditionally written in calligraphy and pasted on both sides of the front door. They normally express wishes for the family in the coming year.)

Credits :

Trans :Fiona @ bts-trans


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