[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190310]

Armypedia’s tweet :

@ARMYPEDIA : [] RUN ARMY in ACTION!  서울시청광장에 모여주신 아미 여러분들 감사드립니다! 함께하여 더욱 즐거웠던 💜

Thank you to all of the ARMYs who gathered at the Seoul City Hall Plaza! It was even more fun because we were together #ARMYing 💜

BTS Jimin’s reply to Armypedia’s tweet

@BTS_twt : 왓?!!

엄청 많이 와주셨네요오

감사합니다아 여러분 !!



#귀여워 https://twitter.com/ARMYPEDIA/status/1104692611346923521[Jimin]

Trans @BTS_twt : What?!!
So incredibly many of you came
Thank youu everyone !!
#Cute https://twitter.com/ARMYPEDIA/status/1104692611346923521 [Jimin]

@BTS_twt : 생일 축하했어요 형☺️


Trans @BTS_twt :Hyung, we celebrated your birthday☺️


Video Trans :

JK:Your hair-

JM: Happy birthday!

JH: HBD Suga!

J: Happy birthday

JK: Yay! Your thoughts!

V: Now, do share about how you feel

S: Thank you!

JH: Dewy skin~(x2)

JM: I linked it! I linked it from “Happy Birthday”!

JK: Happy birthday Suga!

S: Thank you!

JM&V&J: Happy birthday!

Lee Hyun’s Tweet :

@thehyun11 : 시혁형이 우연히 알려 주신 심장이 없어 10주년..우리도 몰랐는데 형 고마워요~

Trans @thehyun11  : #WithoutAHeart #10thYearAnniversary #LeeHyun #JooHee #BaekChan #CutieHyunie #ChoinieChwanie #SexyJooHee #We’veAged #JooHeeI’sStillExactlyTheSame #BangSiHyuk #BigHit Sihyuk hyung coincidentally told us about ‘Without A Heart’’s 10th year anniversary.. We didn’t know either, thank you hyung~

Jimin’s reply to Lee Hyun’s Tweet :

@BTS_twt : 그 명곡이 벌써 10주년이구나아

진심으로 축하드려요!! 👍

형님 저도 밥사주세요~~~☺️


Trans @BTS_twt : So the legendary track is at its 10th year anniversary
I give my sincerest congratulations!! 👍
Hyungnim, treat me to a meal too~~~☺️
#JIMIN [Jimin]

Credits :

Trans : Denise @ bts-trans

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