[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [190424]

@bts_bighit : [#오늘의방탄] 2019 제 1회 더팩트뮤직어워즈에서 아미여러분들 덕분에 대상을 수상하였습니다👏🏻오맘맘마아👏🏻(ˊᗜ ˋ)💕 아미들을 빛나게! #방탄소년단 은 신나게! 앞으로도 함께해요💜 #상탄소년단🏆🏆🏆🏆

Trans @bts_bighit : [#Today’sBangtan] Because of all our ARMYs, we received the daesang at 2019 the 1st ‘The Fact Music Awards’👏🏻Ohmamamaa👏🏻(ˊᗜ ˋ)💕 ARMYs are shining bright! #BTS are having fun! Let’s continue to be together in the future too💜 #AwardBoyScouts🏆🏆🏆🏆

Credits :

Trans : Denise @ bts-trans

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