[Info/Weverse] ARMY with LETTER

Go To : armywithletter.weverse.io


One thought on “[Info/Weverse] ARMY with LETTER

  1. There are so many mixed feelings about this letter. ARMY are complaining about the wastefulness of the paper just to make the world’s longest letter. Then there is ARMY that loves the idea and are typing away on WeVerse.
    Personally, I use WeVerse to send things to Tae. I have sent some texts to the other the other members. I love them all but if you haven’t figured it out yet I love Tae the most so I use WeVerse to talk to him.
    Does he see my texts? Probably not with all the millions of ARMY that post. But it is okay. I have been writing Tae letters for almost two years now. One a week. It makes me feel better to “talk” to him even if he doesn’t answer back.
    What are they going to do with this long letter? Will they read it? Throw it out? Put it in a museum? Time will tell. BTS is hard to figure out sometimes but I love the mystery. 😊

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