[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190802]

@BTS_twt  :소중한 6관왕 정말 고맙습니다 💕
#ARMYmadeit [RM]

Trans @BTS_twt :Thank you very much for the 6 precious awards 💕
#ARMYmadeit [RM]

Credits :

Trans : Rinne @ bts-trans

2 thoughts on “[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [190802]

  1. RM thank you for working hard and earning our respect and love so you could get those rewards. It must be so hard sometimes to carry so much weight on your shoulders because I know that you care so much about ARMY. You never want to do anything that makes them ashamed of you. However, you need to remember that you are human and will make mistakes. So grow from them and be better the next time!

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