2 thoughts on “[TWITTER] BTS Twitter [200111]

  1. I am so curious to find out what this CONNECT is all about.
    Jungkookie I love you.
    Please don’t let the few negative voices drown out the many, many positive voices of people that love and support you. Be happy with who you are and screw the other people.
    You have to live your life because it is YOURS! The people who truly love you will love you unconditionally with tattoos, with long hair or not.
    I have learned in this life (49 years of experience) you have to become teflon. Don’t let the bad things stick.
    I love you. UNCONDITIONALLY.
    Plus your hair is lighter and I love it. You will always be as cute as a button to me.

  2. PS
    Remember you are more than JK of BTS. You are JK outside of BTS, too. You are a talented, loving, kind, strong human being before any label that society gives you. You are a friend, brother, son. Those titles are more important than any other.
    Again, I love you as do many others. We want you to be happy and find peace with who you are despite what other negative people think.
    Okay, I think I am done now. (^__^)

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