One thought on “[Notice] ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’ Release Global Press Conference [200223]

  1. I am glad that BigHit is taking precautions with this coronavirus. This sickness is no joke. It is killing people left and right. The numbers in Korea are rising practically over night. They seemed to have had it contained and under control but now it is insanely popping up every where. Daegu seems to be where it really blew up. The youngest victim a 4 year old girl that went to a preschool where one of her teachers was part of that cult that believes God will cure the world.
    I read al lot of news including Yonhap News, The Korean Herald and the NY Times. Travel bans have already started. Who even knows if BTS will be allowed to travel anywhere holding a Korean passport.
    I just hope BTS is safe as well as their family and friends.
    I have friends over there and I am so worried about them.
    No one knows what this virus can do and the long term repercussions of it yet.

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