One thought on “[Info] MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR – Seoul Concerts have been cancelled [200228]

  1. I am sure KARMY and IARMY are devastated by this news. They haven’t even sold tickets for the European portion of this tour.
    I am wondering if the American leg of the tour will be cancelled as well? I hold tickets to two shows. They haven’t been to Atlanta in forever and I am so excited they are (for the moment) coming here.
    This coronavirus has taken over so many peoples lives. When SARS and MERS hit I wasn’t as invested into South East Asia like I am today. I was supposed to be leaving for Korea in April to live but it looks like October. That will only happen if this virus has been contained.
    Our health is more important than anything. As heartbroken as BTS is over having to cancel their shows I am sure they made the best decision not only for ARMY but themselves.
    Let’s stay healthy and come out on the other end healthier and happier than ever.

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