[Picture/Video] BTS X Hyundai

Hyundai x Jung Kook: Message on Emerald Ocean
“파도가 끝도 없이 밀려오듯이, 우리의 가능성도 무한할거야.”
“Like the endless waves, our possibilities are infinite.”

Hyundai x V: The First Snowfall

“갑자기 내리는 첫눈처럼 세상은 뜻밖의 순간들로 가득 차있어.”
“Just like the first snowfall, the world is full of unexpected moments..”

Hyundai x Jin: The Clear Sky
“구름과 달과 별이 어우러진 하늘처럼 함께일수록 더 아름다운 우리.”
Like the sky living with the cloud, moon and stars, we are more beautiful together.

Hyundai x j-hope: The Bright Sunshine
“눈부신 태양처럼 우리의 미래도 눈부시길.”⠀
“Just like the bright sun, may our future shine brilliantly.”

Hyundai x RM: The Pure Rain
“모든 걸 씻어 내리는 비의 끝엔 맑은 세상이 기다리는 것처럼.”
“After the rain washes everything away, a clean world awaits.”

Hyundai x SUGA: The Infinite Stars

“수많은 별들이 모여 거대한 우주를 빛내듯,
우리의 에너지도 모이면 미래를 빛낼 수 있어.”
“Like countless stars lighting up the universe,
our future lights up when we come together.”

Hyundai x Jimin: The Lush Forests

“For rest. 우리의 안식은 숲으로부터.”
“For rest. Our rest comes from forests.”

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One thought on “[Picture/Video] BTS X Hyundai

  1. Everyone should embrace cleaner and environmentally sound living habits. We only have one planet.
    I am glad that BTS is setting the example. Many small steps create big change.

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