[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [200415]

@BTS_twt  : 아미들 오늘 투표하셨나요? 저는 멤버들과 사전투표를 했습니다 후후 얼른 투표 마치고 아미 여러분도 뒹굴뒹굴해보세요 행복해진답니다


Trans @BTS_twt : ARMYs have you voted today? The members and I voted during the pre-voting hoohoo Hurry and finish voting and then ARMYs can try rolling about too I hear it makes you happy


(T/N: South Korea’s 21st legislative elections are held today, 15th April 2020)

Credits :

Trans : Denise & Faith @ bts-trans

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