[Notice] BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR will be completely rescheduled [200428]

Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment.

The following is an announcement regarding BTS’s “Map of the Soul” tour concert schedule.

The decision has been made to completely reschedule the “Map of the Soul” tour, originally scheduled to begin in April 2020.

With the global proliferation of COVID-19, the tour’s Seoul performances were previously canceled in February with the subsequent postponement of the North American leg of the tour in March. Ticket sales for the European and Japanese performances are imminent.

This tour involves the participation of staff and crew from around the world as well as global logistics systems. While there are certain countries, regions, and cities where conditions have improved, including Korea, it is difficult to make the decision to begin the tour based on these recent developments. Due to the nature of BTS concerts involving travel by thousands of international fans no matter where the performances are held, it is also difficult to resume the tour with the current strict restrictions on cross-border movement still in place. Moreover, it is impossible at this time to predict when the first performance marking the start of the tour will be able to begin.

Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the previously-announced tour schedule and develop a new schedule.

Big Hit Entertainment will completely reschedule the tour and provide a new tour schedule to our fans as soon as it becomes clear when the tour can begin. This may require considerable time as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. However, we will work to ensure that BTS and their fans will be able to meet each other as soon as they can. We will also create new ways for our artists to engage with their fans and respond to the “New normal” while we wait to resume activities halted by COVID-19.

The decision to reschedule the tour was made with the health and safety of our artists and fans in foremost consideration. We have devoted considerable time to prepare the best performances possible, and we hope to express our appreciation of your patience by striving to deliver the best shows. With sincerity and commitment to transparency, we will inform you of any and all further changes and continue to provide updates.

We ask for your generous understanding of the circumstances behind this decision regarding the “Map of the Soul” tour. We will endeavor to bring you the best concert experiences possible.

Thank you.

Credits :

Big Hit Entertainment Via Weverse

4 thoughts on “[Notice] BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR will be completely rescheduled [200428]

  1. Thank you for not canceling and rescheduling. Fighting for tickets now as big as this fandom has grown during this quarantine would be an all out war. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe and stay healthy.

  2. C’est une très sage décision. En effet, le plus important est de protéger la santé des artistes, des membres du staff ainsi que des millions de fans. La patience est une vertu, alors soyons tous patients et en attendant de pouvoir revoir nos artistes lors d’un concert, profitons de toutes les vidéos que vous nous partagez sur votre chaîne Youtube ainsi que sur V Live ou Weverse. Prenez bien soin de vous tous.

  3. Thank you very much for updating me Bighit. Hope everyone is safe and doing fine . Just proceed with your plans and stay safe. I will always support BTS ✌️💜👌. Once again thank you. Goodluck BTS 💜 and take care 💜. I💜 BTS.

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