One thought on “[Picture/FB][#2020BTSFESTA] BTS 7TH ANNIVERSARY FAMILY PORTRAIT [200602]

  1. June is one of my favorite months.
    It’s when my daughter and granddaughter were born and its BTS anniversary. I love Festa.
    I love this photo shoot. The whole world is upside down right now.
    Racism is rampant in the USA. The riots were in my part of Atlanta the other night and they destroyed so much property. The National Guard is stationed right up the street from my house. Plus the helicopters haven’t stopped flying overhead since Saturday.
    Then COVID is still a thing.
    Needless, to say it has been a very taxing few days. However, these pictures put a smile on my face that hasn’t been there for awhile now. Thank you BTS for making me feel happy.
    ALSO: Thank you to the admins of this page for posting them for viewing again.
    I purple you and all your hard work. 💜💜💜💕

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