[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [200604]

@bts_bighit : [#무엇이든그려드립니다]

동글동글 얼굴은 갈색이고, 왼쪽 눈썹은 두껍고 오른쪽 눈썹은 얇아요.
손과 발은 작고, 튀어나온 앞니가 귀여운 제 인형을 그려주세요!

아미 여러분이 원하는 그림은 무엇인가요?
해시태그와 함께 묘사를 해주시면 무엇이든 그려드립니다!

Trans @bts_bighit : [#WhateverItIsIllDrawItForYou]

Its round face is brown, its left eyebrow is thick and its right eyebrow is thin. Please draw my cute doll that has small hands and feet and a cute front tooth that juts out.

ARMY, what kind of drawing do you want? If you use the hashtag to describe it, whatever it is, i’ll draw it for you!

Credits :

Trans : Faith @ bts-trans

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