[Twitter/Trans] BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL [200622]

@BTS_jp_official :CDTV ライブ! ライブ! みんな見てくれましたか?📺
Stay Goldを皆さんにお見せするのは今日が初めてだったので、すごくこの日を楽しみにしてました!🤩
いつまでもforever gold🎶です💜

Trans @BTS_jp_official : Did you all tune in to watch ‘CDTV Live! Live!’?📺
Since today was the first time for us to show ‘Stay Gold’ to all of you, we were really looking forward to this day!🤩
To us, ARMY will be
Until the end of time, forever gold*🎶💜

(T/N: *Lyrics to ‘Stay Gold’.)

Source :

Trans : Mame @ bts-trans

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