[Twitter/Trans] BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL [200713]

@BTS_jp_official :#CDTVライブライブ をご覧の皆さん!

JUNG KOOKが作曲した’Your eyes tell’👁 の初披露でしたが、いかがでしたか?Partying face まっすぐにいつまでもARMYだけ見る #BTS の瞳💜

Trans @BTS_jp_official :Everyone watching #CDTVLiveLive!

This was the premiere of ‘Your eyes tell’👁 which was composed by Jungkook, so what did you guys think?Partying face #BTS‘ eyes will forever be looking straight ahead at ARMY only 💜 #YourEyesTell

Credits :

Trans : Mame & Jamila @ bts-trans


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