[News] Korean Classes Using “Learn! KOREAN With BTS” To Be Offered In Universities Around The World [200811]

A number of universities will be offering Korean classes using “Learn! KOREAN with BTS“!

On August 12, Big Hit Entertainment’s independent educational company Big Hit Edu, the Korea Foundation (KF), and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will hold a signing ceremony finalizing their contract to work together in promoting and vitalizing Korean studies abroad.

Through this agreement, the three entities will contribute their expertise to meet the increasing demands for Korean education abroad while promoting the understanding of Korean language. From the upcoming fall semester, KF’s eSchool Korean language classes that utilize “Learn! KOREAN with BTS” will be offered in a number of foreign colleges.

Middlebury College of the United States, École Normale Supérieure (ENS) and EDHEC Business School of France, Ain Shams University of Egypt, and University of Languages & International Studies and Than Long University of Vietnam will open formal Korean lectures that use “Learn! KOREAN with BTS.” Big Hit Edu, KF, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies also plan to expand their business target in the future.

Big Hit Edu’s CEO Choi Young Nam shared his resolve to vitalize Korean language learning, saying, “KF and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies are all partners who have high understanding of our content, so we’re anticipating that we’ll be able to create even greater synergy in the future.”

KF has been working on providing online Korean studies and Korean language lectures to foreign universities through the eSchool business since 2011. CEO Lee Geun expressed his hopes to further spread the charm of Korean culture and language abroad. Chancellor Kim In Chul of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies commented, “Many universities abroad have expressed great interest in opening classes using ‘Learn! KOREAN with BTS,’” revealing their plans to work with more universities in the future as well as plans for offline courses once the situation surrounding COVID-19 improves.

“Learn! KOREAN With BTS” uses pre-existing footage from BTS’s variety show “Run BTS!” and their online content (such as their “Bangtan Bomb” and “BTS Episode” clips) to teach fans about Korean culture as well as Korean words and expressions frequently used by the BTS members.

The videos were created with the help of researchers from the Korea Language Contents Institute (KOLCI) and professors from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Since March, Big Hit Edu has been releasing three-minute videos each week via Weverse, and a book package for “Learn! KOREAN with BTS” will be available starting August 24.

Source (1) Via Soompi

One thought on “[News] Korean Classes Using “Learn! KOREAN With BTS” To Be Offered In Universities Around The World [200811]

  1. I started studying Korean to understand BTS in their LIVES.
    NOW I study Korean because I am moving there and I have many Korean friends.
    I use TTMIK (Talk To Me In Korean) and they are pretty awesome.
    This is an amazing thing. No stone unturned.

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