[Video] BTS | 2020 MAMA [201206]

BTS Win :

Best Male Dance Performance
Album of the Year
Worldwide Fan’s Choice Top 10
Best Music Video
Worldwide Icon of the Year
2020 visionary
Best Male Group
Song of the Year
Artist of the Year

Other :

Best Collaboration (eight IU&SUGA)

Best Executive Producer Of The Year – Bang Si-Hyuk

Best Producer Of The Year – PDOGG

Best Video Director Of The Year – Lumpens

Best Art Director Of The Year – MU:E

BTS ON-Dynamite – Life Goes ON


Download  BTS Full Cut:

MNET : drive.google.com/file/d/1SL7Ycx_8TkRn7GGiwm6v1L6H2Fn8-7br/view

TVN : drive.google.com/file/d/16uy8TCQycMSvsW9xrgzKHrI5_vAK8jN4/view

Source :

Mnet Kpop,Wind2song

One thought on “[Video] BTS | 2020 MAMA [201206]

  1. This performance was beautiful. I loved the way it segued from one song to another. Do you know how hard it is to dance on grass??? 😳 Their performance was impressive. The thing is they always bring it. Just when you think that they have pulled all the stops here they come with another rabbit out of their hat. Good for them.

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