[Weverse Magazine/Link] BTS – BE Interview


KOR: bit.ly/2J6fXoo

ENG: bit.ly/35Sr3q6

JPN: bit.ly/3lUyFxW


KOR: bit.ly/3m107dA

ENG: bit.ly/2IUwr3C

JPN: bit.ly/3nLZ9Cc


KOR: bit.ly/2UVGTKx

ENG: bit.ly/2JdNxZJ

JPN: bit.ly/3fuP4H0


KOR: bit.ly/3fCSbfX

ENG: bit.ly/3q1Us9w

JPN: bit.ly/2J18wj2

Jung Kook

KOR: bit.ly/3q77KSf

ENG: bit.ly/3mfaZ7Q

JPN: bit.ly/2KKOkCo


KOR: bit.ly/37enHx8

ENG: bit.ly/2V4z8C3

JPN: bit.ly/3fCQwHv


KOR: bit.ly/2Lkd8Bf

ENG: bit.ly/3nbMgRx

JPN: bit.ly/38ambxZ

BTS Other Cuts (ver.+SUGA)

KOR: bit.ly/2KQlPnn

ENG: bit.ly/3hGk0oM

JPN: bit.ly/3pK7yXP

BTS set 15 new records with BE

KOR: bit.ly/2W9vOpx

ENG: bit.ly/345XWhO

JPN: bit.ly/2JSRoMR


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One thought on “[Weverse Magazine/Link] BTS – BE Interview

  1. I love that Weverse is interviewing them individually to get their thoughts on the comeback album and what they feel about the future.
    Plus the pictures are wonderful… πŸ˜‘

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