141 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Hello, thanks before, to updating BTS schedule.. Can I ask something?
    Is it true that BTS will held a concert (TRB) in Indonesia? because when BTS 1st Fanmeeting in Indonesia, in end of event, they showed the Video of the next TRB III. Is it really true?

  2. Does anyone know if they’re only going to the one in New york for kcon or will be going to L.A. too?

  3. Did BTS visited Philippines last April 21,2016?
    I want to know… Did they had a concert here? Did they really go to Las Piñas here in the Philippines…😒😒? please answer my questions…🙇🙇🙇 I am only 14 years old… And I am their fan absolutely when I am still 10 years of age…😘😘😘 please…

  4. I would just like to know if BTS will be having a concert or any activities here in the Philippines this year 2016.
    Thank you in advance for the answer 🙂 BTS Fighting!

  5. Oo…after Kookie’s bdae,it’s mine😁😂
    Thanks for this,btsdiary! I really want BTS to come to Singapore but then again I’m like”wait until I save money first!”😂

  6. I am Very Happy Because Bts Is Confirmed Have a Concert in Manila Phillipines on July 30 16 .. I am so very exited 🙂 about that

  7. Where can I buy BTS tickets for Nanjing, China concert on July 2, 2016? What website will they be sold on?

  8. Are they going to have an concert in PH? Dying to know 😂😱 Other says that ‘concert’ is not sure. But I’m hoping they will. Can’t wait 😻

  9. So to be clear as crystals,there will be no bts concerts in Malaysia,Singapore or even Indonesia for 2016 right?*sighs*

  10. Hello Bangtan . I’m a Tunisian fan . I want to tell you something that I wanted to say before but I didn’t have the chance : When I go to my bed at night , I dream of you . When I wake up in the morning , I remember you…
    Tunisia and Korea … How long is the distance between us …

  11. i am really glad that bts donated 1 million dollars to black lives matter this shows that they care for their fans and it does not matter what race you are from ALL LIVE MATTER so i want to thank them for donating money for people who matter<3

  12. I Love BTS I Wish They Could Perform At Florida Beach Have a Concert Their. I Love all BTS Members. Iris Reynaldo Age 22 December 16th I Love Purple Alots Of Sweets Food Cool Drinks No Druggs Doesnt Do Anything Bad I Am Not Perfect but with a Bundle of Heart Kindness Like BTS Members. God Luck BTS.

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